Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo at St. Paul's and update

This is a photo of some of my group at St. Paul's Cathedral. I have yet to go in and visit, but when I do, you will hear more about it.

Yesterday was long but the coolest so far. We took a day trip to Canterbury Cathedral and Leeds Castle. The Cathedral had a few really cool things. I urge you to keep checking my youtube for new uploads as I took lots of video yesterday. The Black Prince's tomb and armor rests in the cathedral. And I am really tired and can't remember the rest just now so go check out the video.

Leeds Castle was amazing. It had a beautiful moat and the rooms were set up to make it a very interesting tour throughout. The people that work there are great and I actually stopped and had a long conversation with a lady and a older gentleman. Super friendly. Apparently Edward the 2nd's wife got mad because of his homosexual cheating and had him killed by driving a red hot poker up his anus and stirring it around. OUCH!!!

The grounds would be amazing to visit on a sunny day as there are 500 acres of gardens and a maze but it was raining very hard so I stuck to the aviary. I was told by the lady I spoke with that it is a national aviary that breeds the birds and then sends them back to their native country to repopulate the species. I could have spent a lot more time there but had to be back to meet the bus. They had a lot of different birds but I got a few of them on video talking and one of them did a little dance for me. LOVE IT! Someday, I wouldn't mind having a much smaller version of the same. I really enjoy animals.

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