Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pre-trip update!!!

Had London Study Abroad Orientation yesterday down at Edmonds Community College. Stayed up too late the night before and was tired. They had coffee (which I don't drink) and proper English tea (apparently brought over from London, which I tried. I guess I have never had that kind and could only manage to take one sip because it was one of the most bitter things I have ever tasted. Guess I should have realized that it isn't herbal (which I love, peppermint is my favorite and chamomile is a close second.)

A lovely lady from the AIFS office in London flew over just for our orientation so that was nice. She was a frank, entertaining, and tell-it-like-it-is person.(and had awesome taste in shoes!) I hope all of the others are similar and we will get along just fine.

I felt like quite a nerd yesterday once I realized that I already knew most of what they were telling us in the orientation and found I had done way more research than anyone else there. I'm the nerd that read all of the material before hand (including the student manual). ugg! Oh, well. I really can't blame myself. I have been really excited and to pacify myself until September 24th (the day I fly out!!!), I have been reading, watching, and listening to anything that might possibly be related to my trip. I know what sights are open and when, the basic makeup of the government, and even have planned to meet some people from the travbuddy website. But the point is, I felt way over-prepared once I got there but will probably still keep up the research. I like knowing what I am to see and most importantly, how to save the most money. (I am going to have a lot less money than I was planning on while there and my budget is almost unbearably tight!!! I am really worrying about it. But I am sure it will all work out if I plan well.)

Up next...the joys of packing for 3 months and fitting it into a little suitcase!