Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a store, an arch, a fountain, and a vampire walk

Yesterday was going to be spent at home being bored because of a tube strike that had been going on since Sunday night. Lucky for me, my host mom suggested that I go to Primark. Primark is a really large clothing and shoe store that seriously marks down their merchandise. I got a dress for 8 pounds! I just had to take one bus to get there and it was the bus that stops right in front of the house! I thought, the least I could do was get out of the house.

Primark is at the Marble Arch station and there really is a huge marble arch there. And, as it turns out, Hyde Park's Speaker's Corner is just there as well. So, after my shopping, I took a walk into the park. I saw Speakers Corner, the boat house on the Serpentine, and the Princess Diana Memorial fountain. (I have video of me soaking my feet in the fountain which they encourage you to do.) I headed home after that.

Today was a long day in class and we had a Ghost and Vampire walking tour with a local guide who had quite a sense of humor. I enjoyed him, if not the tour, and got some good video of that as well. Check out my youtube (when I get it uploaded). It is Lissagirl99.

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