Saturday, October 16, 2010

update and not feeling well

Kings Cross Sation and Stonehenge, England

Blast the London pollution! I feel like I am coming down with a allergy induced sinus infection and feel awful. Also sorry I haven't updated in a while.
I went to the Victoria and Albert museum yesterday with a couple of friends and it was amazing. On Friday nights they stay open until 10pm and it is so nice. If I lived here, that is where I would go for date night because it is beautiful and free! I didn't see half of what they have but particularly enjoyed the plaster casts and the fashion exhibit.

Everything is going well with my host family and roommate except for the fact that they smoke sometimes. Not in the regular areas of the house but outside and sometimes in their room I think, which wouldn't be all that much of a problem but their room is across from mine and it is often very strong (which doesn't help my sinuses!) But I suppose I can put up with that because I have heard some horror stories from some of the others in my class who got stuck with much less accommodating host families.

I have to write an article for journalism by Monday and still have not been able to contact anyone at Kew Gardens for an interview. I would have gone down there today if I had not been so sick. I'm not sure what to do. This is my first attempt at this kind of thing and really haven't had much guidance at all! I would try to come up with another story but I have no ideas and would need something fairly easy because I am not feeling well. I am pretty frustrated.

Oh, well. Scotland is coming up soon so I have that to look forward to if I can just get to feeling better. For now I am just going to put a movie on and get some more rest.

Keep checking my youtube (Lissagirl99) for new videos. I upload new ones whenever I get a chance and am home. I am pretty far behind but eventually I hope it will be a cool visual record of my trip.

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