Thursday, September 30, 2010

Marx tour and Curry Night

This post is going to be very short. Today we had a tour of the Karl Marx library for our afternoon class field trip. Our guide was a sweet old gentleman whom you will see featured in the video of the tour (once I get it uploaded). Went shopping on Oxford Street afterward. I love H&M. I have never been there before but they have some really cute stuff and most of it was really cheap. (bras were 9.99 GBP!)
Had group curry night tonight which I loved because Indian food is one of my favorites. Brick Lane was where the restaurant was located and it was interesting to be aggressively approached by people from all the restaurants to come in and eat at their restaurant. I love that area. Really pretty, old, some cobblestone roads, big lovely church. Really close to Liverpool Station (where they shot this t-mobile ad.
Leeds Castle and Canterbury trip tomorrow. 'Night!

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