Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, Day 2

Transit this morning was a breeze. Between my roomie and me, we had it pretty much down. Orientation meeting was this morning at the University of London. Had a safety talk by a Sargent in local police. He was quite entertaining and made fun of us at the same time. He was hilarious. He warned us about the fake taxi cabs that they are having a problem with these days so I was glad of that. Especially if I am going to go to theatre and get tired and want to take a taxi home instead of the bus.

Next, we had a talk about transit from Sara from AIFS and a talk about our home-stay families and guidelines from Penny. She is a sweetie from what I can tell.
Lunch next. Ate in a cool and really yummy place called Pret A Manger which seems to be a chain of little soup and sandwich places. I don't know how widespread they are but they had natural sodas that were awesome so I hope they have them all over! I had the ginger beer. So yummy!!!

After Lunch, we met up for a bus tour of London which was a bit of a repeat for me of my last trip to London. The cool thing is, this time I get to stay and enjoy it and explore it longer! I took lots of video today which I will post on my youtube (Lissagirl99) hopefully tonight. So go check that out. I don't promise that it was any good and there are a lot of little videos. I am not an experienced editor yet so they may be just awful but hopefully it will help you to see a little bit of what I saw today. Sean was our tour guide and he was very helpful and was mindful of what we as students would be interested in knowing so I liked him.

After the tour, we stopped at Tesco for a few groceries and I hoped to get a hairdryer and some allergy meds but all the shops closed by six so we just came on home.

Ursula is my roomie and she is great so far. We really seem to be getting along and I hope it stays that way. We are both having a great time and I am not feeling homesick yet. I don't know that I really will unless something bad happens and I don't think it will. Love to you all and take care!

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